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Top 10 Institutions by Citations in All Areas
1. University of Vienna  (Austria) 1756
2. Technical University of Cluj-Napoca  (Romania) 1659
3. Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca  (Romania) 1016
4. Open University (UK)  (United Kingdom) 1007
5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  (United States) 933
6. Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA)  (Germany) 680
7. St. Francis Xavier University  (Canada) 643
8. Concordia University  (Canada) 600
9. Chemisches und Veterinaeruntersuchungsamt Karlsruhe  (Germany) 563
10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  (United States) 499
The counts displayed above reflect citations appearing in publications of all types except Bookstack/Bibliography, Conference, Discussion Group, Grant, Journal/Periodical/Series, Special Issue, and Treaty. They reflect citations of publications by all members of these institutions/organizations except those whose position is Associate Librarian, or Professor Emeritus.

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