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Durham University



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DEPARTMENT ID: 10-14795 (Last edited on 2007/10/26 08:46:31 GMT-6 )

Adcock, Mike Lecturer  
Allen, Tom Professor property in constitutional and international law
Antoniadis, Antonis Lecturer EU External Relations, EC Trade Law, Law of the WTO
Baker, Aaron Senior Lecturer Employment and Labour Law
Beyleveld, Deryck Professor   34  16 
Bohlander, Michael Professor  
Choudhury, Tufyal Lecturer  
Cobb, Neil Lecturer  
Devenney, James Lecturer  
Fenwick, Helen Professor human rights; Media freedom of expression; Counter-terrorist law and policy
Fox, Lorna Reader  
Leigh, Ian Professor human rights
Masterman, Roger Lecturer  
McGlynn, Clare Professor  
O'Mahony, David Reader  
Pattinson, Shaun D. Professor medical law and ethics 45  29 
Phillipson, Gavin Professor  
Rackley, Erika Lecturer Legal theory; legal philosophy;legal education. In particular her research focuses on the relationship between legal reasoning and the exclusion and marginalisation of other in the legal academy
Riley, Chris Reader  
Schütze, Robert Lecturer  
Spaventa, Eleanor Reader  
Swain, Warren Lecturer  
Sweeney, James Lecturer  
TOMASIC, Roman Professor   28  11 
Please note that the total of members' statistics may not equal the department/faculty statistics due to joint authorship.

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