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Contact Us If you have any suggestions for us, you can send them here. You can also post them in our discussion forum to see if others agree with your suggestions. If you discover any questionable contents in the getCITED database, or if you discover that someone is making inappropriate changes to publications and identities, please send an email to this address so we can deal with the culprit. If you think the site may be experiencing technical difficulties, please send an email to this address as soon as possible. (The problem, of course, is that you probably won't be able to view this page if the site is having problems...) Send a message here if you are interested in any of the advertising possibilities available at getCITED really needs your support in order to ensure that its database continues to grow and improve. If you need to contact us about something that doesn't quite fit into any of the categtories described above, send an email to this address and (hopefully!) it will get forwarded to the appropriate individual.

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